hyoutan pippu

pip is a cv voicebank for the "utau" software. he is a young gourd prince with a passion for singing, and getting himself into trouble.

Pip [Hyoutan Pippu] CV Ver 1.0

provided by feyriel

Pip's image and voice can be used freely for non-profit projects, such as songs made for fun, and fanart.
Please credit the voicebank if used for a song.
Changes can be freely made to Pip's OTO, as long as it isn't redistributed. don't make fun of the original sound files though... ;w;Explicit permission is required if you wish to use his voice or image commercially.
Redistribution of Pip's Voicebank is strictly prohibited without permission; this includes derivatives.
It is PROHIBITED to use Pip's Voice or image to promote offensive or illegal ideals, hate speech, propaganda, or to try to defame the voicebank provider.
Pip's voice or image can NOT be used for very graphically explicit or 18+ projects without permission.
© feyriel

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